Good Quality Skirting Line – Skirting Line XL-3601 – Xulong

Kick crural line is the special word that decorates when using.In the bedroom design, Yin horn line, waist line, play the balance action that foot line is having a vision, the linear form feeling that USES them and material qualitative, colour wait in indoor mutual echo, can have better beautification adornment effect.Another function of the kick line is its protection. Kick crural line, as the name implies is the metope area that the foot kicks, be affected more easily so.Do the foot line can better make the wall and the ground between firm, reduce the wall deformation, avoid external force collision caused by damage.In addition, the kicking line is also easier to scrub, if the mop splashing dirty water, scrubbing is very convenient. Kick a foot line besides the function of the protection metope of its itself, also hold quite scale on the proportion that lives in beautiful.It is the outline line of the ground, the line of sight often can fall very naturally above, in decorating commonly kick crural line to give a wall thickness for 5mm-12mm or 8mm-15mm.

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